Policy Making


Parishudh initiative is closely working closely with both cedntral government and Government of Karnataka related to getting the policies changed to support sanitation in rural areas. Some of the activities taken up by Parishudh have been as below.
1. Participation in National level consultation
Team members from Parishudh Initiative attended one day national consultative meeting on sanitation chaired by Hon. Minister for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Shri Jayaram Ramesh. The recommendations included



* Establishing National Sanitation Advisory Council with members from the DWS ministry, other ministries, NGOs and Companies. This will ensure various players are involved in policy making and execution.


* Taking extended help of companies in relation to - research and development, mass production of toilet material, CSR work etc.


2. World Toilet Summit


A team of Parishudh attended the work toilet summit at Hainon province in China in the month of November 2011. Ideas were exchanged and new ideas presented as to what needs to be done at the global scale to address the problem of inadequate sanitation world wide.



3. Policy making at state level


Parishudh is in constant touch with the Government of Karnataka and has presented various thoughts related to improving sanitation conditions in the state.



4. Letter to Prime Minister and other ministries


Parishudh studied the role of over 20 ministries and government organizations on improving the sanitation conditions in the state. It came up with a paper and sent those to different ministries as well as Hon. Prime Minister's Office for implementation.