PARISHUDH achived the target in 18 months

Parishudh Initiative goals achieved. More than 5 Lakh families in over 400 villages educated on better hygiene. Over 11,200 toilets built in last 18 months (10,000 of them funded by Infosys Foundation). Various policy changes initiated with govt. Glad that at least three entrepreneurs have picked up in making precast toilets. Systems and processes built for repeatability. Thanks to Infosys Foundation, KBBS, all mentors, Infosys volunteers, NBA - Govt of Karnataka, Parishudh India team on the ground, NGOs and well wishers.

PARISHUDH towards achieving its goal


Parishudh which was started in October 2011 with a goal of building 10,000 toilets in North Karnataka village area and to create awareness in 2 lacks people from more than 400 villages on sanitation and hygine is now towards the end of project.

As of now 8,500 toilets are built and another 2,500+ toilets are under construction, its more than he goal of constructing 10,000 toilets. Parishudh also has created awareness for more than 2 lacks by conducting toilets summits, IEC sessions, competition for children’s, sponsoring to youth fest and recently with toilet delivery functions. Hence the project is going towards huge success.

Parishudh now started giving incentive by creating Nirmal Gram Samithi in villages, the intention of creating is through this NGS the village people can take up other developmental initiative to make their village model. For some initiative in villages the parishudh is helping . The NGS which are helping majorly for Parishudh are SPRED, Indus foundation, RUDISET, Vikas academy Yadgir, Gram yuva seva sangh Kannal etc…

Parishudh has been using new technology for the maintains of accurate data. One of is “”, a cloud computing software from which we can get the each beneficiary details like his village, GP, phone number , status of his toilet construction. If the payment is done than the date of incentive given, who gave incentive and still more. By using this we can get fully accurate report on toilets built, under construction, for how many people incentive gave etc… Another software which using is “Poimapper” by this software we can see the photo of each individual toilet built with its longitude and latitude position.

Along with construction of toilets Parishudh selected a village in each district and conducted a health camp, veterinary camp and two months training for SSLC students for board exam preparation.


About Parishudh


Parishudh is in initiative funded by Infosys Foundation towards increasing sanitation levels in North Karnataka. The program began in 2011 October and is expected to run through 2012.

This initiative intends to 

(1) Help 10,000 families in North Karnataka have a toilet of their own in select 40 villages and educate at least 1,00,000 families in having a sustainable toilet of their own 

(2) Encourage entrepreneurs to get started in the area of building sanitation facilities for the public and sustain in the long run 

(3) Build reusable artifacts including designs, processes to make the initiative easily repeatable elsewhere.


Awareness Creation

Awareness about hygiene and sanitation is found to be extremely low in rural India. It takes on average, four to five visits to convince a family on the need of a toilet and puttng aside the money for the construction. Therefore, Parishudh has taken it as a key activity is working on awareness creation through multiple means.



A toilet can be as simple as a pit covered with a lid and thatch walls (costing less than Rs.500) to as complicated as one with Gola plates (costing a few Lakhs of Rupees). For rural mass, we need a toilet that is somewhere in between. We have done extensive study of different models and recommend a few of them.

Policy Making

Where as awareness creation at the grass root level can make a significant impact at the ground, only a suitable policy at the national level can accelerate entire India reaching 100% sanitation. Parishudh has been working with state and central Government in this regard.





Actions speak louder than words. Hence a key objective of Parishudh is to help 10,000 families actually get a toilet constructed in 2012. Already over 600 families have signed up and more villages signing up.







Quite a few events are conducted by Parishudh. They include awareness creation events, small ceremonies marking begining of construction, hand over ceremonies, ehxibitions, toilet summits etc. So far 35,000 families have been reached through the events.



Additional Resources

Many organizations of national and international repute are working on improving hygiene and sanitation coverage in the world. Parishudh is in close contact with many of them and has been implementing the applicable best practices.




Renewable Energy

Water management and renewable energy have a lot in common. We will be able to generate energy by effective use of waste. The most popular one is home biogas.






Reusable Material

Parishudh has produced quite a few of reusable material (photographs, videos, documents) etc that can be used over and over to increase the awaress on sanitation.






Status Reports

Parishudh produces detailed status reports periodically to keep stakeholders updated. Reports available include data on villages visited, sessions conducted, Construction status, financial Status etc.








Templates for various docuements used are available here. They are Village databook, beneficiary request forms, event checklist, request letter etc.









About our associate

Sri Kottala Basaveshwara Bharateeya Shikshana Samithi Sedam is an associate of Infosys Foundation in North Eastern region of Karnataka. It is working in the region since last 38 years.







Parishudh Project Management

Parishudh Project is managed with the help of a Software System named: Salesforce. This application, hosted on the internet provides ability to track the entire progress of the project. It provides an ability to track all campgains, enrollments, online view of the application forms. construction status, financial management etc. 



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